Child Abuse Prevention Policy

It is the goal for the Wheaton Christian Reformed Church to be a safe church. Our desire is to prevent any abusive behavior from occurring. This policy covers all those in position of authority, including those in leadership and those instructing childen.

The Wheaton Christian Reformed Church Abuse Prevention Policy makes provision for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and growth of children, young people, adults, and those in leadership positions by providing a safe environment and by establishing procedures and policies for conduct.

Proper supervision of Child Care Providers is necessary to avoid creating opportunity for both actual child abuse and false accusations of child abuse to occur.  Proper supervision includes providing Child Care Providers with necessary training and education on issues involving child abuse, as well as providing them with proper supervision during the performance of their responsibilities.

Child Care Provider qualifications are as follows:

  1. No one shall be permitted to serve as a Child Care Provider who, in the belief of the Wheaton Christian Reformed Church, may represent a potential threat of committing child abuse or violating any of the policies, standards, or provisions contained in the Child Protection Policies.
  2. No one shall be permitted to serve as a Child Care Provider if they are known to have been previously convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, any crime arising out of any act or conduct involving child abuse, or any act or conduct which is of a sexual, molesting, seductive, or criminally deviant nature, whether or not such conduct involved a child. This qualifying rule shall be applicable no matter how long ago the crime occurred.
  3. No one shall be permitted to serve as a Child Care Provider who has acknowledged or admitted that he/she has participated in any previous act of child abuse.
  4. No one shall be permitted to serve as a Child Care Provider if he/she actively engages with the issue of child or adult pornography.
  5. Child Care Providers or volunteers shall not all be from the same family for any one program or classroom.

All volunteers and Child Care Providers must read the child protection policies and familiarize themselves with and sign a compliance statement.

Rules and procedures for employees and volunteers who serve in the various ministries of the church are found in the policies for each ministry.

Copies of the entire Abuse Prevention Policy are available in the church office.