One of the values of Wheaton Christian Reformed Church is to intentionally partner with other agencies whenever possible. As a result of this, here are a few organizations with which members of our church partner:

Outreach Community Ministries

Our church helped found OCM in the 70s and has remained closely involved with its work since then. Outreach does many things, best described by their website. Members of our congregation are involved in the tutoring program, visiting elderly, the Christmas Store and Jubilee Furniture among others.

Winfield Woods

Winfield Woods is a nursing home in Winfield that includes work with Psychological Rehabilitation. Wheaton CRC’s involvement includes a weekly Bible study held on site and a ride program that helps residents of Winfield Woods attend worship and other events. Winfield Woods also has a website.

Vietnamese New Hope CRC

In the early 90s some members of Wheaton CRC and others recognized that there was a significant population of Vietnamese immigrants in our area that deserved a ministry dedicated to them. The result was Vietnamese New Hope CRC, a church pastored by Pastor Huu (himself a Vietnamese immigrant) and supported by several local churches and individuals. There are close ties between Wheaton CRC and Vietnamese New Hope CRC, with several shared programs and shared responsibility for a facility in Winfield.

Wheaton CRC also supports these local programs: DuPage PADS, providing housing for the homeless of Wheaton, People’s Resource Center which offers food, clothing, emergency financial assistance, job assistance, and many other programs, and Care for Cars which helps job seekers and employees have working transportation through car repairs.